Coast to Coast Adventure, Days 62-67. The End.

My husband Rob and I have quit our jobs and are moving from Dayton, OH to Medford, OR with our two dogs Moose and Schuyler. Before we settle there, we embarked on a 2.5 month adventure across the US. I’ll be working as a hospitalist when we get to Oregon starting in just a few short weeks!

The end is here. Not many people get to call a time out on life and travel for over two months. We made a conscious choice to do this. We spent all our savings so we could have this freedom. We are going into the unknown, with just each other. Will it be worth it? Will we have a good life in Oregon? Will our relationship withstand the severe stress of moving cross country to where we know no one and where I’ll be the only one working? These are the questions on my mind today as we drive to our new home in Medford.

We spent the last week of our trip in Victor, Idaho. We had an amazing little “tiny house” that we rented there. I would really like to have a house like that build for us for our next house. It was small, but had everything you need. And it wasn’t truly “tiny” it was probably 600 square feet at least of space. We stayed here because it was adorable, but also because Jackson Hole was sooooo expensive it was out of our reach for what I wanted to spend. It was only 30 minutes across the Teton Pass to Jackson, and 45 minutes to the Tetons.

We had some good hiking days here. Most were pretty chillaxed because we did one epic summit hike. The tiny house was not a good place to leave the dogs, so we did not get to hike any in the Teton park itself. Our first hike was up to a nice subalpine lake, Ski Lake, off Teton Pass. There is a TON of dog friendly hiking off the pass. We did this chill hike and then drove around the park. The great thing about the Tetons is that you can appreciate it so much from your car. The mountains are right there, just framed like a painting.

The next day we did our most ambitious hike yet with the dogs. We hiked 10.7 miles roundtrip to the Summit of Jackson Peak. What’s so cool about this hike is that 3 miles in there is an alpine lake! I fucking love alpine lakes so much. We stopped to swim here for good half hour. There were few bugs, the water was cold but not freezing, and best yet: no one else was there! I will always always cherish having a lake to myself.

We then pushed up to the summit. The last mile was the hard part, steeply graded up the mountain ridge. We took plenty of breaks and then enjoyed ourselves at the summit. Moose and Sky kept trying to pull us off the mountain in pursuit of chipmunks, so we had to be on our toes. It feels amazing to be on a summit, looking at the 360 degrees views and feeling the wind in my hair.

We spent our remaining days doing some short hikes (the dogs were toast after that big one). We relaxed in town and in the tiny house and just enjoyed the freedom of our last days.

And now we are driving again. This time for the last time. What’s to come? I hope nothing but good times and more adventures. Thanks for following along. ❤️


  1. If you like access to the outdoors, we think you’ll like Medford & the Rogue Valley. There’s hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and water sports, plus the coast is only 2 hours away. We’ve been here almost 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!


      • You arrived just in time for the good Fall hiking weather. 🙂 I’d suggest getting a copy of Sullivan’s “100 Hikes in Southern Oregon” and of Bernstein & Urness’ “hiking Southern Oregon” – lots of good ideas in both. You might start with some of the classics: Grizzly Peak, Wagner Butte, the Rogue River Trail from Grave Creek to Whisky Creek cabin, Hobart Bluff, Little Grayback Trail to Squaw Butte Lookout, Sterling Mine Ditch Trail, the many trails in Jacksonville Forest Park, and Collings Mountain near Applegate Lake. You can also check-out our website for other ideas. Enjoy!


      • jkhartsock says:

        Awesome! Thanks so much! I’ve got a lot of these on my list, and I cant wait to dig in! Thanks for the book recommendations, I love having as much detail about the trails as I can!


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