Coast to Coast Adventure, days 1-2


My husband and I have quit our jobs and are moving from Dayton, OH to Medford, OR with our two dogs Moose and Schuyler. Before we settle there, we are embarking on a 2.5 month adventure across the US.

Days 1-2 heading west. Hampstead NC to Asheville NC. 375 miles 

Two hikes- Powhatan “lake” which was really just a pond and Pine Tree Loop. Elevation 2100 feet. 

Yesterday we knocked out a pretty easy day of 6 hours driving. We stopped to get dinner (from 131 Main which is the J Alexander’s of the South! What a find!) and then we drove to Powhatan Lake recreational area, which is just west of Asheville. We got there before dark, took a short hike in the 90 degree 90% humidity weather and then set up camp. We laid there for an hour just cooling down and letting our sweat dry. Damian Rice, our camp music of choice, serenaded us. The dogs were exhausted and fell asleep half on and off their beds. Sometime overnight I woke up and kept thinking the shadows on the tent walls were a bear. I coughed loudly to discourage it from bothering us. Since it was not a bear, the shadow left us alone.

This morning started off poorly. I slept in because I didn’t want to get up and wake up Rob. The dogs love sleeping in, so they didn’t help.  By the time we got up and going it was 8:15. One of the many wonderful things about being fat is that I sweat ALL the time. So when we go out hiking, esp in the 90% humidity I’m soaked at rest and it only gets worse once we get moving. This means I usually have to change clothes 2-3 times a day when we are hiking. That adds up to a lot of dirty smelly clothes to tote around. 

Anyways so I am sweaty and cranky and the flies are swarming and I’m snapping at Rob. Moose is pulling me for no reason, so I’m snapping at him, too. 3/4 way into the trail, the day took a sudden turn for the better… we saw our first BEAR! 

Of course we had no phones with either of us to get footage.  It was a medium sized black bear, about 50 feet off the trail. He was extremely unimpressed with us and went about his usual business while we yelled “Hey Bear!” at him. It was a very cool little sighting, next time I hope I can grab a picture. The camp hosts says they have seen bears basically everyday. I hope these poor bears don’t get so habituated that they are killed, we are taking up their space, not the other way around!!!

When we got back to camp up I was cranky again because I felt so disgusting and sweaty and it takes forever to pack up. There were showers at camp, and I eagerly looked forward to an ice cold one. The showers had other plans, as they only spit out very hot water, and I ended up right back where I started. We skipped breakfast because we got a late start, so here’s hoping I stay on track with my calories and don’t eat a lot of junk food in the car today. I’ve been doing awesome with diet and exercise since we left Ohio, I’ve got to keep it up! I’ve been targeting 1700-1800 calories a day, and trying to stick with that, even with exercise. I know once we hit some longer days on the trails I will eat more, and that’s okay. As long as I keep a net negative balance I should start dropping pounds. I’ve resolved not to weigh myself until we get settled in Oregon. Seeing the numbers and the gain is too painful. For now I need to be present in the here and now and focus on each day as it comes.

We are back on the road, the lovely AC full blast. Hoping to make it to St. Louis today, but we’ll see where the day takes us!




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