Support Abortion Providers


I am a family practice trained Hospitalist physician now, but there was a time in my medical residency when I briefly worked at the abortion clinic in my city of Dayton, OH. I was already strongly pro-abortion before, but that experience cemented it for me. That clinic and others like it provide 100% necessary medical care to women. Women who had found birth defects incompatible with life, women who were raped, teenagers who stupidly knew little of how to protect themselves from pregnancy, women pressured by their partners to not use birth control, and women who just didn’t want a child. Women who were religious and sobbed in agony afterwards because they thought they were murdering their child, and women who had the understanding that an embryo or fetus is merely a clump of cells that has no life or meaning outside of its protected environment in the womb. I have also been on the other side, and seen children killed by abuse, children suffering neglect or placed into foster care, and children living with severe birth defects or chronic diseases. I came to realize that every woman has an abortion for a different reason, and that every single one of those reasons is valid.

After that rotation, I came very close to changing my focus and becoming an abortion provider. This had always been at the back of my mind, but in the end, I was too scared. Would I lose family and friends? Would I get constant death threats? What if the irrational protestors attacked me or my family? Would I even be able to find a job with abortion clinics closing all over the country? If I ever wanted to practice a different type of medicine, would I be able to or would I be blackballed? I didn’t have the grit to commit myself to such a risky practice. I still think about it, now more-so than ever. Abortion is a fundamental right of being a woman in America. A right we have fought and even died for over the years. In Dayton, OH right now, the only abortion clinic is going to be forced to close its doors any day now. Not just because the Ohio “heartbeat law” bans abortion after six weeks, but because the clinic has lost a case in court to remain open. The two major health systems in town, one of which I work for, have refused to provide transfer agreements with the clinic. This means that even though the abortion providing physician is licensed and qualified, no hospital will deign to accept his patients if a complication arises. In light of this, the courts have ordered the clinic to close its doors. Abortion, and the women who need it, are under attack all over this nation. It is extremely heroic to choose to provide abortion care in this country, and I thank the providers who have been brave enough to offer this vital service to their patients. I hope that we all band together as healthcare providers to support the physicians on the front line of this contentious issue.


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