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International Women’s Day


In honor of International Women’s Day here’s to all the amazing, smart, kind, generous, beautiful, strong, dedicated ladies in the world! ❤️❤️
As I’ve gotten older I have become more strongly attached to being a woman. I grew up a tomboy and pretty oblivious to gender roles in society, thanks in large part to my family always making sure I knew I could excel at whatever I chose to do in life. Over time, I’ve seen blatant and subtle acts of sexism pepper my days. I’ve seen the vast differences in how women are treated based on their culture, religion, ethnicity. I’ve reflected back on my own life and how it has been shaped by my gender, even if I didn’t realize it… the opportunities I had, and the ones I didn’t.
I am grateful for my experience in the world as a woman. I’m grateful for my voice when so many women in the world are forced to be silent. I’m grateful to be able to stand up for myself and to speak out against gender disparity. I am grateful for my amazing husband, the center of my world, who is an awesome feminist and a true partner to me. I am grateful for all the many phenomenal women I know and how we celebrate and empower each other!


Goal Jeans


Many people would look at these photos and be mortified to post them online. These jeans obviously are too small and all my fat rolls are hanging everywhere 😆. Guess what? I could not be more proud of this picture. I was ashamed of my body for my whole life, then one day 18 months ago I stopped being ashamed. And I stopped being afraid.
I finally said, you know what, this is my current body, it kinda sucks and it’s unhealthy and in pain all the time and it’s holding me back, but it’s me. I stopped running away from myself and started to see myself for who I really was. That someone was much the same person I am today- smart, caring, type A control freak, a pretty good doc, sometimes funny and sometimes mean, a well rounded person. But that version of me wasn’t healthy. I was hiding and ashamed of how my body had gotten so out of control and limited me from doing the things I loved in life.
So today, I am not ashamed of how flawed my body still is. I choose to look past the fat and the cellulite and the loose skin and the pannus and the wrinkles and the saggy boobs and see the good. The muscles which are getting stronger every day. How my skin is so much healthier and acne free since I started eating better. That my patients still think I’m 20 😆😆😆.
Everything in life is about perspective. I choose to be proud and happy that I can finally kind of button these jeans. These are my “goal jeans” from college- good old Abercrombie and Fitch size 12. Whether or not I ever am able to button these all the way is beside the point. That would be great, but I’m going to choose to focus on how far I’ve already come, not how much further I have to go. I’ve already met and surpassed so many of my goals, and I choose to believe I can do anything I put my mind to. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 ❤️❤️❤️

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