F*ck Skinny, Get Fit!


Riiiiiiiiight???? Over the last 15 years I constantly dreamed of being thinner. We are bombarded day in and out with unrealistic body ideals, and it’s hard not to succumb to that vision. But my dreams were not really about my physical appearance, they were always about how much better my quality of life would be when I lost weight. I would dream about hiking in the mountains, skiing, scuba diving, running, playing volleyball, or even just being able to walk my dogs in the woods. For me losing weight is not about the final number on the scale, or the size clothes I wear, or conforming to some insane misogynistic beauty ideal. At the same time, it can be so hard to let go of the numbers. My goal has been to lose 106 pounds, and it is frustrating to still be 17 pounds from meeting that. Being able to let the scale do what it will do, and to keep working on improving my health has been so difficult, but I have been gaining more patience recently and acceptance of my body, regardless of what the scale says.
I am never going to be a stick thin model. I have #thickthighs and a #bootyfordays and #curves to spare. I used to hate all of those things when I was a teenager growing up, I wanted to be petite and limber and delicate like my friends. With the wisdom of age I know that my body is becoming stronger and more muscular everyday, which only means that I will able to do more and participate fully in my life. I have learned to love my strong body and my curves and to flaunt them instead of hiding them. I’m embracing my newly found sense of self and my body. No more sitting back wishing I could do things, time to get out there and live it. So let’s ditch the word “skinny” from our vocabularies and focus on being healthy, strong, and fit.

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