“Where Does He Work?”



I went to the doctor today. I’ve been battling an overuse injury in my right leg and finally relented to getting another opinion other than myself and my friends. This injury has really been hampering my training, and has been super annoying. First off, I am a bad patient like most doctors are. I go to hear their advice and opinion, but I do not always follow it. Even going into this visit I declined to do the routine x-rays until I saw the doctor and was examined. Sometimes when you are in the practice of medicine you have too much knowledge for your own good. I know I will push things past the limit I would recommend to my patients. I’m happy to report that I had no major injury- no stress fracture! I’m going to try my best to take it a little easier and not overdo it with my running this next month so that I can run my half marathon in May.
Anyway, I get there and I’m sitting getting checked in by the M.A. I had to come from work for the appointment, as I couldn’t get a time on my days off. This picture is from my visit today and what I was wearing.  The M.A. is going through my meds and history and reviewing my records and then comes to check my blood pressure. So I’m sitting there in my pink scrubs, which are embroidered with my name, “Dr. Hartsock”. I’m sitting there and she is taking my blood pressure and she says “I’ve heard that name before, where does he work?”
Boom. It seems even in scrubs embroidered in my own name, I still am not seen as a physician. Yes, I am young. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I like the color pink. Yes, I am polite. Yes, I smile a lot. It is possible to be all those things and still be a bad ass doctor.
I hope as more and more women enter into medicine our implicit gender biases and gut reaction to assume every doctor must be a man can be overcome! We are women, and we are doctors, damnit!

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