Trail Running In the Snow


About a year ago, I was just starting to get serious about working out. My favorite early exercise to do was hike with my dogs. I had first tried hiking in my local park with them over the summer. I could only go about a half mile before I was drenched in sweat, out of breath, and exhausted and had to turn around. Winter is my favorite time to hike because the cold and snow keeps most people away. I love the serenity and peace that come with being alone in the woods (well not too much alone! I’m a chicken and and like knowing civilization isn’t too far away!).

On this particular hike last year, I was coming down these stairs and I fell. I was basically inching down them holding on the to rail for dear life, and I still fell. Right on my ass. My muscles were so weak and atrophied they couldn’t even help me keep my balance and keep upright coming down some slippery stairs. It was humiliating (of course that was the time we saw the only two other people in the park that day), but also a turning point for me. I knew I would do whatever was needed to make sure I could protect myself against falls and injury.

Being strong and healthy is the best way to prevent falling. So instead of feeling sorry for myself and beating myself up over a recent spurt of middle of the night binge-eating, I got myself up and went running in the gorgeous cold and snow. In one year I’ve come from falling on a simple stroll in the park to running 6.6 miles in the snow. What would you be like if you lived without fear and limits on yourself? Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out?


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