Skiing at Perfect North


So you guys, I hadn’t skied for over 10 years until a couple weeks ago. It was something I gave up on. The most physical activity I was routinely doing this last 5 years was walking. Skiing again seemed like an impossible goal, so it wasn’t even on my list. With my past ACL tear and surgeries, skiing seemed like a huge risk not worth taking.
Well here’s the thing… sometimes we sell ourselves short. Sometimes we let fear dictate our hopes and dreams. What I needed was some momentum to realize that I could dream bigger. As I started meeting my weight loss and fitness goals I had the chance to reevaluate myself. I realized I was stronger and healthier than I had thought possible.

I was so nervous strapping into my skis again for the first time in so long. It felt strange and off-kilter, I couldn’t get the hang of gliding along. I hesitantly went down the bunny slope and got my feet steady under me. Soon, I felt my confidence increase and went down the nicest trail at Perfect North, The Far Side. A gentle long sloping mile-long trail, it felt like freedom. I felt weightless and effortless, and so ecstatic with myself. Again and again back up the hills and down again. There is such an exhilarating feeling when you fly down the slopes with the wind blowing in your face. I am so happy that I have taken back up this sport again and look forward to many gorgeous winter days spent outside skiing.

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