How to Go Grocery Shopping

B153DF51-B13F-4E87-9289-BF98274C731ESo grocery shopping is actually very easy, it’s all about geography! Shop on the perimeter, not in the middle! I buy 80% of my groceries from the produce section. Fresh food is good-for-you food! I am vegetarian, so obviously I load up on veggies. Fruits, too. And then I get my dairy, also on the perimeter- eggs, milk, and cheese (always cheese I love it!). When I venture into the middle of the store it is to get whole grains- farrow, wheat berries, whole grain bread or beans and legumes- chickpeas, black or pinto beans or nuts- mostly almonds but peanuts, pecans, and walnuts as well. Always read your labels, too! So many processed foods have added hidden sugar and calories in them! I like to get bean based chips or chia seed crackers, which have a higher protein content. I do not eat enough protein, so I’m always looking at ways to sneak in some extra servings. If you simply follow the perimeter rule your nutrition will instantly improve!

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