How I am doing it Nutrition #5

I get a lot of questions about what specifically I have done to lose weight and get fit… I’m going to write up a few pieces to give the details
This one is about nutrition, it is the fifth piece in the series
So we have covered everything in how I have transformed my diet, let’s summarize!
1. Cut back as much as possible on processed food and snacks. This includes any drink that isn’t water. Over time you will notice your body stops craving sugar, and you will stop binging on bad food!

2. Limit your portion sizes. Most “regular” portions in the US are 2-3 times the recommended sizes. Gain some knowledge and cut back!
3. Drink a gallon of water per day (so long as that’s okay with your doctor my heart failure and renal failure patients!)
4. Cook at home. Shop in the fresh section of the grocery store for 80% of your items. If you hate to cook a meal delivery service is an awesome option!!!

5. Track your calories and nutrition. The more you do this the more empowered with knowledge you will be and it will get easier and easier.
6. Exercise caution and restraint when eating out. Know the nutrition information of the food you eat at restaurants. Look online if they don’t have it on their menu.

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