How I am doing it Nutrition #4

I get a lot of questions about what specifically I have done to lose weight and get fit… I’m going to write up a few pieces to give the details
This one is about nutrition, the fourth in the series
So what about when I want to go out and eat???
First- I go out to eat maybe once a week. I have cut way back on this. But when I do go out I have changed how I am ordering and what I am eating!
Breakfast: somewhere like First Watch. I usually will opt for an omelet. I will get the breakfast potatoes. I will usually skip the toast, but not if the bread is delicious. I won’t load it up with jam. Eggs are great for breakfast!
Lunch: if I get lunch out it is usually Mexican fast food- I get tacos and black beans. But I just dump everything into a bowl to eat, I don’t eat any tortillas. Black beans are the best I love them. I may also get a salad for lunch like from the salad bar at work- I load up on chickpeas in my salads for a healthy source of protein!
Dinner: I go to a few places (J Alexanders and Chilis) that have delicious veggie burgers. I don’t eat buns. I get veggies on the side and no fries.
Now if I know I am really going to splurge for dinner out then I will lessen my calorie intake the rest of the day to compensate. Especially if I know I’m going to indulge on a couple cocktails! I love bourbon and will have one or two cocktails instead of an appetizer or desert.

Eating out healthily can be done! But I will say it takes a lot of work and research into the food and options to keep it under control. You will notice most chain restaurants now post their nutrition- many many of their meals are 1000-1200 calories just for the entree!!! It is so easy to eat 3000 calories in one sitting at a restaurant! So you have to pay attention when you go out to eat for sure!!!

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