How I am doing it Nutrition #2


I get a lot of questions about what specifically I have done to lose weight and get fit… I’m going to write up a few pieces to give the details
This one is about nutrition, the second in the series
So first I cut back on snacks and started to limit portions… but I was still eating very poorly. So in January of 2017 I made a huge commitment… and I credit it with being the single biggest factor in my weight loss!!!!
I started to track my calories and nutrients with an app (I use My Fitness Pal but there are many out there). This wonderful app lets you input your weight and activity level and then calculates the intake and output you need to have to lose weight at your goal rate. In this way I can track every calorie in as well as my exercise calorie expansion to see what my deficit (hopefully) or gain (boo!!!) would be for the day as well as for 5 weeks in the future.
The reason I am such a big advocate for the app is that it takes away all the guess work. I know that I personally will “trick” myself into believing that a dish is healthier than it really is…. well when you have to input all the information into the tracker, you can’t cheat. The numbers are all there in black and white. At first it was very very hard to do this. I was still consuming 2500 calories or more at that time and the number of snacks and junk foods I was consuming was still high. By tracking everything in detail I have been able to troubleshoot my problem areas and help really fine tune my nutrition. I have tracked every single day since January, and it has made absolutely a huge impact on my health!!!

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