Be Brave today and everyday!

B7A04BC0-8AA7-4808-AEF4-1968CF88C1C3Fear was holding me back for so many years with my health… fear of failure, fear of injury, fear of other people’s opinions, fear that I just didn’t possess the strength within me to change. When I stopped being afraid I was able to take action. To be vulnerable, open, and honest with myself and everyone around me. To acknowledge that I am far from perfect, that there was a huge portion of my life making me miserable. Once I was able to admit that, I was able to transform.
It has been scary. To put myself out there, where anyone can see if I fall down or fail- it’s terrifying. But without taking that risk I would still be that women who was living an only partially fulfilled life- always wondering “what if”. When I look at my body now I still see a lot of flaws, but I am through being hung up on them. My body is getting stronger and healthier everyday, and I choose to celebrate that progress, even if it doesn’t look perfect!
So do the thing that terrifies you the most. Buy a bikini!!! (And if you feel particularly nutty then post a picture of yourself in it on the internet!) Go skydiving or scuba diving or mountain climbing! Give a public presentation to a huge crowd! Speak up at work and get involved! Travel to a different country! Take a new job!
Whatever it is, do it. Don’t be the person always saying “what if?”
Be Brave!!!

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