HIIT at The Studio Fitness

HIIT class



Today I went with my beautiful friend Milinda Zabramba to a HIIT class up in Vandalia at The Studio (Zumba) Fitness. I love HIIT because it is an amazing whole body very challenging workout. This was the first time for me going to this class and it was mainly all intervals with a tiny bit of dance like moves thrown in. It was really good! Again this is a high intensity workout, so it isn’t good for beginners.
It being my first time, it took me a bit to get the routine, and it was a little hard to hear the instructor at times, but she was very good at making the moves clear. The workout had a lot of arm toning exercises and planks mixed in also, which I sorely need for these wimpy arms. The last 15 minutes was full of some very challenging core workout- good stuff.i would definitely do this class again.
I did stick around and did part of my first ever true Zumba class as well. This was much more low-moderate in intensity. There were several adorable older ladies there as well, so good for all age groups. I would recommend this class to all levels. It was low impact, you can modify it to make it even less so if you need to. This class had pretty easy dance moves so it wasn’t that hard to follow along. I think I’m going to keep with more of the HIIT style workouts, dancing is absolutely not my thing. Two left feet

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