Tremendous Trampolines


It is definitively possible to have the best workout of your life… on a trampoline. My good friend MiLinda Zabramba introduced me to the indoor trampoline park SkyZone because her kids “love to bounce”. When we went there together her girls were just filled with adorable energy jumping around and having fun. But I loved it too! Jumping as high as I could, flying high in the air, reminded me of being a kid again. When we were kids we actually had a trampoline and would jump out of the second story windows of our house onto it (DON’T do that!!!!!). How we didn’t break our necks I’ll never know.
So SkyZone has a trampoline aerobics class. Holy shit. I mean really. It was the best and honestly most fun workout I have done in my life. Jumping up and down, side to side, on your butt, doing intermittent arm and core exercises all while burning a ton of calories…I have found my new workout ideal!!! It is a whole body HIIT style workout. Needless to say I am hooked! I look forward to going back next week and getting my ass handed to me by the goofy and intensely in shape teenager Bobby that taught the class.
I will say this- it is not a workout you should attempt if you aren’t in shape. Especially if you have any kind of knee issues, this workout is too intense- so start low impact and build up to it!

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  1. Paula says:

    I have a rebounder at home. It is a good workout and it’s good for the lymphatic system I read. Either way it is a fun workout and there are DVD of workouts too.


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