Meal Delivery Services- Ranked!

So I am lazy and hate grocery shopping and cooking! I just don’t have enough hours in the day to devote to that! Over the last year or so, I have sampled pretty much every meal delivery plan there is! I like the ones that deliver fresh food you have to cook (precooked or frozen are just not very good, so I won’t discuss them!). So yes, you still need to do some work, but having them delivered and prepped is a big help! Most of them cost about the same- between 10-14 dollars per person per serving. Cost difference wasn’t a factor when I chose a plan, the food and variety matters to me more.  When I think of all the groceries I waste from never having time to cook, it makes financial sense to do these meal plans!

Here’s my list, best first:

1. Plated and Marley Spoon. I like these two the best overall for one simple reason- choice! I am vegetarian and my husband Rob eats basically only meat, so we never eat the same food. These two services both let you choose your meals from a range of foods including meat and vegetarian options. They also have a lot of choices each week, so finding something you like is a lot easier! We currently subscribe to both of these and each week we can pick and choose what we like the most to be delivered, and skip if nothing looks good. Plated recipes are designed by different chefs, and Marley Spoon is tied to Martha Stewart.

2. Sunbasket, Green Chef, and Purple Carrot. I tied these three together because they all focus on organic clean food. Sunbasket and Green Chef offer both meat and vegetarian options. However, you can only choose one type, so I can’t mix my meals with my husbands. Not cool. Purple carrot is vegan. Great in theory, but I just didn’t like a lot of the food! If you are less picky it would likely be perfect for you!

3. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. These are both kind of mediocre to me. I don’t like a lot of the recipes, you can’t mix and match veggie and non-veggie, and I feel like a lot of the meals are very similar over time. If Blue Apron offered more choice in options, I would try them again. They do have all their recipes online, and I’ve made a few of them myself at home. Hello fresh has some recipes by Jamie Oliver.

4. Home Chef, Terra’s Kitchen.These both offer meat and veggie options but again, I just didn’t like a lot of the recipes. Home Chef seemed overly boring and Terra’s kitchen didn’t offer enough variety for vegetarian options. Terra’s kitchen had this crazy little refrigerator that they use for meal shipping- it is less wasteful!

5. Hungry Root. This one offers vegan options but consists mostly of veggie noodles and sauce. I do like their snacks- vegan cookie dough, brownie dough, and carrot cake bites.

Local to Dayton Ohio only

Kates Plate. This is a place in Centerville that offers both pick up and delivery service. It is a great little business. If you eat meat I suggest you try this! But the menu only rotates every season, and there were not enough vegetarian options. So unless that changes I personally wouldn’t try it again. Great for people doing Paleo, too.








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